Landscape - summer - Les Mosses © José Crespo
Hiking Pic Chaussy - summer - Leysin José Crespo

Pic Chaussy - N°1

The Pic Chaussy peak at 2351m is one of the most treasured summits in the Vaudoise Alps. It’s 360° panorama provides the most incredible views. This ascent is also one of the more popular as much for its easy access as for its route which takes you to Lake Lioson and the Small Lakes.

Setting off, from the corner of the Tourist Office building in the centre of Les Mosses, take the trail which climbs through the fields. When you get to the first junction (road), take a left and follow the road. At the end of the flat part, the road bends to the right.

Follow it until you get to the second junction. Continue straight on passing by the Pully holiday camp to your left. Follow the road straight ahead. You will come to the Lower Lioson alpine farm. If you are a morning person, you may even be able to help in the cheesemaking (from 9.30 am to 10h30 am). Follow the path which starts to climb for the next 5 minutes.

When you get to the parking area, take a left and continue to climb to the lake which you will reach some 40 minutes later. Lake Lioson restaurant and its wonderful terrace provide a perfect excuse for your first rest stop.

Continue on with your climb following the righthand side of the lake for a good 5 minutes then start the ascent to Pic Chaussy. After 35 minutes you will arrive at the Col de la Rouge (Red Pass).

At this point, continue your climb for another 30 minutes which will take you to the top of Pic Chaussy. A small picnic area has been created so that you can take a break and admire the spectacular scenery : the Diablerets glacier, Gummfluh, Dents du Midi mountains and even the Mont-Blanc.

To get back down, retrace your steps to the Col de la Rouge (Red Pass). Then take a left in the direction of the Small Lakes. This rocky region is known for its presence of marmots and ibexes.

Once you get back to the Small Lakes, treat yourself to a second rest stop at the café or continue your descent until you get to the Lower Lioson mountain farm. Take the small lefthand path (through a gate) and follow it to the upper village (first chalets).

Return to the centre by following the road which goes downhill in the direction of the resort.

Option : Possible to make the trail shorter by not doing the complete ascent of Pic Chaussy. In this case, once as high as the Col de la Rouge (Red Pass), start your descent towards the Small Lakes.

9.9 km
Difference in height
934 Metres

Not to be missed in the vicinity

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